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AXEON Introduces RO Water Purification for Tap Water

AXEON Introduces RO Water Purification for Tap Water

Tap water is a common primary water source for homes and industries alike, and it’s rarely suitable for drinking or industrial use. The process of reverse osmosis (RO) enables water purification systems to take water from a natural source and transform it into clean, safe water with a variety of uses. RO water purification systems are often utilized in industrial environments to create optimal hygienic conditions for delicate manufacturing processes. They are also of tremendous value for residential and commercial environments looking for the best possible tap water.

Why Choose RO for Tap Water?

If your home or business relies on tap water as a primary water source, then depending on factors such as water treatment and geography, your water may not be suitable for business or home use. Depending on the locality, tap water often contains a range of contaminants, which can include:

  • Biofouling
  • Chlorine and chloramine
  • Perchlorate, PFOA, and PFOS
  • Lead and other heavy metals
  • Atrazine and other pesticides
  • Pathogens (bacteria, parasites, viruses)
  • Nitrates

Using a reverse osmosis water filtration system can help minimize the incidence of these and other contaminants. Crossflow membrane filtration removes small particulates and dissolved salts through a pressurized feed stream, which runs parallel to the surface of the membrane. When the stream passes through the membrane, it leaves behind any particles that were too large to pass through the membrane, and the continuous water flow helps sweep away these particles to keep the system working smoothly and without interruption.

While membranes can remove the majority of the contaminants found in tap water, it’s important to pre-treat your system periodically for residual free chlorine. Most membranes can tolerate chlorine exposure in the short-term, but continuous exposure without treatment or maintenance can affect the life of the membrane. You can also opt to chemically treat your water to bind and remove chlorine before it passes through the RO membrane.

The reverse osmosis membrane removes all dissolved salts and molecules that have a higher molecular weight than 100, and can achieve up to 99 percent rejection of dissolved salts. This results in purified water that’s free of the common contaminants found straight out of the tap. The higher the water permeability, and the lower the salt permeability, the better the overall performance of the system is, yielding better-quality tap water.


This type of filtration is suitable for treating tap water for a variety of uses, including home use, food preparation, hydroponics, pharmaceuticals, and more. No single filtration series is “one size fits all,” so it’s important to tailor the filtration solution to the application.

  • Ionic Exchange: For ultrapure water, research and laboratory environments can use reverse osmosis as the first stage of treating tap water. This removes large particulate matter that could clog the IX system, effectively extending the life of the IX system and lowering its operating cost.
  • Home Use: Low-capacity RO systems can provide drinkable tap water straight from the faucet, suitable for drinking or cooking.
  • Food Preparation: Light commercial RO systems offer cost-effective pure water for cooking, brewing beverages, and more.
  • High Capacity Industrial: Pharmaceutical and agricultural customers can rely on RO for purifying water in massive quantities, up to 190,000 gallons per day.

AXEON offers a wide range of RO water purification systems for tap water use, each suited for its own set of applications. Their range includes:

CRO – Series

The CRO – Series from Axeon is the premiere tap water filtration system for home use. With a capacity of 50 gallons per day (GPD), the CRO – Series offers users pristine drinking water directly from the faucet. It utilizes a proprietary membrane and a 5-stage filtration process to deliver wonderful-tasting water for the family.

L1 – Series

The Axeon L1 – Series RO system is perfect for light commercial customers. It offers a cost-effective solution for tap water used in food preparation, the brewing of coffee and tea, detailing, hydroponics, misting, and more. It comes fully assembled. You simply mount it to the wall and connect it to the utilities. It features a 200-300 GPD capacity and 2.5” membranes.

R1 – Series

With 4” membranes and a GPD capacity of up to 21,600, the R1 – Series from Axeon makes pure, clean tap water available to commercial customers with escalating usage demands. With an innovative and expandable design, it can grow with your needs. As with all Axeon products, the component quality in the R1 – Series is second to none.

M1 – Series

The Axeon M1 – Series RO system is engineered to create low costs on energy and maintenance while still delivering supreme performance and high recovery rates. This system holds 4” membranes and has a capacity of 12,000 to 36,000 GPD. Featuring a concentrate recycle loop, this system is also upgradable with expanded features.

X1 – Series

When your demand for tap water and well water starts to exceed the limitations of conventional systems, the X1 – Series by Axeon emerges as the superior option. For food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and many other users who have high-volume water requirements, the X1 – Series provides a GPD capacity of 32,000 to 190,000. Easy to install and use, this system is pre-plumbed and pre-wired with a pre-programmed computer controller. This is a convenient system created to provide the best quality water to users with unusual volume requirements.

Not sure what RO water purification system is best for your specific industry? Check in with AXEON and we’ll help you find the solution for your needs.

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