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Best in Class Light Industrial M1-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

Best in Class Light Industrial M1-Series Reverse Osmosis Systems

AXEON® Water Technologies manufactures an extensive line of pre-engineered reverse osmosis systems and a wide range of energy efficient membranes known for high quality, strong capabilities and superior performance.

AXEON M1 – Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed and manufactured for commercial and light industrial applications. These systems have been engineered for capacities ranging from 12,000 to 36,000 gallons per day for use with municipal and well water applications. AXEON M1 – Series Systems come pre–assembled, fully tested, preserved and sanitized and only require simple utility connections once on site. AXEON M1 – Series Systems come ready for immediate on-line service, minimal set up and with little adjustment required. The high quality and proven design has built a reputation as turnkey, cost effective solutions for customers.

The major components of the AXEON M1 – Series Systems are supported by a rigid aluminum frame and designed to provide ease of access for servicing, maintenance and monitoring performance.

Our technical service team of Application Engineers are skilled at helping you select the optimal reverse osmosis system and membranes that best fit yours and your customer’s needs. Contact AXEON today to learn more.

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