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Water Treatment

Water is one of the most basic necessities in people's homes throughout the world. In most cases, the water that is brought into people's homes through municipal supplies or private wells is generally safe for drinking and washing. Although the water is safe to use, in most cases there are a number of aesthetically undesirable substances present in that water. These substances include such elements as: hardness (calcium and magnesium) elements, chlorine, bacteria, lead, arsenic, THMs, sediments, iron, tannins, cysts and many other elements. These substances are treated and reduced in your home by using different "Point of Use" water treatment equipment. This equipment includes units such as water softeners (conditioners), backwash media water filters, drinking water filter systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and home water disinfection systems.

AXEON is dedicated to providing communities across the world with cost-effective membrane solutions to meet drinking water quality goals. We currently have municipal installations that target the removal of arsenic, nitrate, radium, sulfate, hardness, total TDS, and color. AXEON has the widest array of membrane filtration products in the industry. Whether your treatment goal is to meet a SDWA MCL or to simply improve your drinking water quality by reducing hardness and alkalinity, AXEON has a proven membrane design that will meet your needs.

Since 1989 AXEON has been working with companies to design and manufacture water treatment systems for general industrial applications. At AXEON we design and manufacture all of the necessary water treatment equipment ourselves, as well as many of the key components (membrane elements, filters, housings, etc.). This single source capability allows us to provide our customers with a top-notch product and a single point of accountability for customer satisfaction.

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